Vital Damage System

What’s the Same?

Players will roll attacks the same as always, using the formula of [(Attribute + Skill) – Target’s Defense], with any roll that comes up as successes being a level of Damage.

What’s Different?

From here, we’ll discuss how this system works for the players and NPCs. The idea is to be a more visceral combat system that discourages frivolous battles.

Toughness & Armor Rating

Rather than having Health Levels, Characters in this Campaign will have a Toughness Rating equivalent to their Stamina score (plus any Merit or Power that normally increases Health Scores).

Armor, rather than adding to Defense Scores is treated as a separate Rating.

  • Mechanics
    • Armor Rating
      When an attacker rolls Damage, Armor Rating in the specific location reduces the Damage Dealt first. Any Damage left over goes through to Toughness
    • Toughness
      Toughness acts as a buffer for Damage. Any Damage Dealt that exceeds Toughness is applied to the Damage Table to determine the effect. Any time a Character is hit by Damage that does not exceed their Toughness, it reduces their next Die Pool by 1.

Effects of Damage

Rather than a non-descript scale of Health Levels, this Mechanic relies on reductions to Die Pools and Excellent strikes to finish enemies and players off.

  • Mechanics
    • Pain
      The first thing a Character suffers from a Wound is Pain. It reduces the Character’s die pools until after their next action by the Pain value of the Success. Pain stacks in a round, but fades the following round.
      • Pain corresponds with Bashing Damage
    • Shock
      The second thing that a Character will suffer from Wounds is Shock. The first occurrence of Shock takes effect on the following Round, though additional instances take effect instantly. This does stack with Shock from one round to the next, but reduces by a rate of (Stamina) per round, as long as they do not perform any physical action that round. Otherwise, it works like Pain, and stacks with it.
      • Shock corresponds with Lethal Damage
    • Injury
      The third effect of Wounds is Injury; functioning like Pain and Shock before it, Injury stacks with both, and recuperates at a rate of one point per day, once all Shock has recuperated.
      • Injury corresponds with Aggravated Damage
    • Death
      If the Wound is severe enough to a Vital location, the character simply dies in an instant or in a series of moments.

Willpower & Injury

In addition to the normal uses for Willpower, Players can spend Willpower on the following:

  • Mitigate 5 points of Pain, Shock, or Injury based Die Pool reduction for one Action
  • Perform one Action per round after any Death result that isn’t Instant

Supernals and Vital Damage

  • Creatures that are immune to Bashing Damage (Vampires) are Immune to Pain.
  • Creatures with natural Regeneration (Werewolves) double their Stamina for their Toughness when they have the power activated
  • Any effect that applies Healing does so at a rate per success, and in the order of, the following:
    • 5 Pain
    • 3 Shock
    • 1 Injury
  • Attacks that do Aggravated Damage normally ignore Toughness
  • States of being that cause Aggravated Damage (Sunlight for Vampires) inflicts a Wound to every applicable location every Round of one step above the current Wound level.

Vital Damage System

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